Cooperative society oriented to the carrier


TransGroupZal, is a Cooperative of Transports of Work Associated, as it defines and establishes the Law of Cooperatives of the community of Catalonia and protected also by the competent legislation to state level, as a result of the modification of the LOTT (Law of Ordination of the Terrestrial Transport) of date 25 July 2013.  The aim to offer to the carriers the best services in what work, deal and advice,

The entity operates inside the sector of the transport of commodities by road with the end to be able to offer the best possible services to carriers and clients.

GroupZal,  provides all the administrative licences to operate inside the sector of the transport to any company or autonomous, that is to say permissions of transport and community licences, to be able to operate to national and international  level making the activity of the transport of commodities.
You look for work like conductive carrier?

We collaborate with companies of transport of commodities by road of first level, with stable routes, with a good relation price/kilometre and a tall reliability of collection (transfer or confirming).

We have of rigid trucks and of  tractive . Accessing to our offer offer you the possibility to obtain credit of fuel and devices of toll.

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